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No matter how careful we are, accidents are an inevitable part of life. For this reason, having a well-stocked first aid kit is not only a legal requirement, but it's also a vital component to ensuring the health and well-being of your employees.

At Alpha First Aid we are here to help you with all your first aid kits and restocking needs. By organising on-site restocking of your first aid kits by one of our experienced and professional distributors, all your first aid kit needs are sorted. Here are some of the benefits to having a local distributor:

Save Money with FREE On-Site Restocking

Utilise our free on-site restocking service to cut costs associated with manual inventory management.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Enjoy peace of mind as your first aid kits are consistently maintained and kept up to date without the need for manual checks.

Experienced Professional Distributors

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced and professional distributors who understand the legislative requirements and industry standards for first aid kits.

Comprehensive First Aid Package

Receive a total first aid package, which may include accredited one-day first aid training to ensure your team is well-prepared for emergencies.

Quality and Compliance

Trust in the quality of our products with the latest expiry dates that adhere to the standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Local Industry Understanding

Rely on our local distributors who understand the specific needs and requirements of your local industry.

Customised Kits and Industry Compliance

Appreciate the flexibility of having first aid kits packed to your specifications and industry requirements, ensuring that they meet the unique needs of your workplace.

Don't believe us? Here are the words from a few of our customers:

Gardner Vaughan Group

“I have used Alpha First Aid's services for a number of years and found them to be a very professional and diligent organisation when it comes to first aid supplies and auditing our provisions.”

Brisbane Boys’ College

“Thank you so much Alpha First Aid for such great service, as always, and your support to provide a first aid kit so quickly, and at such a good price. This is much appreciated by our BBC community and well done on your personalised and outstanding service.”

By choosing on-site restocking services from your local Alpha Distributor, your company can streamline first aid kit management, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

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