Restock your First Aid Kit

Step 1 icon Find your kit

Use the search bar, or browse the appropriate category within the menu.

Need a complete refill? Find and purchase your applicable refill kit instead.

First Aid Kits menu dropdown

Step 2 icon Scroll down to Kit Components

Within the kit product page, find the section labeled 'Kit Components'.

Kit Components section

Step 3 icon Choose items & quantities

Simply add how many you want of each item.

Take note of the 'Qty' column, this is how many should be in your kit.

Kit Components section

Step 4 icon Click Add All to Cart

Scroll to the bottom of Kit Components and click 'Add All to Cart'.

Kit Components Add All to Cart button

Step 5 icon Complete Checkout

Scroll to the top and click the cart, then checkout as normal.

Checkout in header

Complete icon Restock complete

Once you receive your order, replenish your kit!

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