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An AED (defibrillator or defib) alone is great, but you need to maximise its exposure so it’s easily accessible, visual and easy to use.

Specialising in AEDs since the early 2000s we’ve narrowed down the most important accessories that help save lives and allows businesses to operate smoothly when confronted with an emergency.

The accessories below are designed to enhance the performance and usability of your AED, ensure that it’s accessible, visible and ready to use in the case of an emergency, as well as make it easy to transport, maintain and test.

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Presentation & Visibility
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Presentation & Visibility

AEDs often live in public places. So they need to be easily identified by those who are unfamiliar with the location. This can be done with a combination of high-visibility storage and signage.

Cabinets are a great way to have your AED highly visible to the public while also keeping your AED clean and protected. You can have them wall mounted or free standing to suit your location. They all have clear doors so you can easily identify the AED inside as well as allowing you to check its operational status without having to handle the AED itself. 

We also sell cabinets with alarm systems that are activated when the door’s open. This will alert people around you that there is an emergency in progress. Some also come with stickers showing what you need to do in an emergency. Most cabinets are specific to a brand of AED but we do sell a generic red cabinet with an alarm system that fits most of our AEDs.

AED brackets are more slimline than a full cabinet, meaning they take up less space on the wall. Great for areas where visibility is less important as the user doesn’t need the same level of usability. Ie A doctors office, a first aid room. They’re available in metal and clear plastic, but it’s recommended you purchase a bracket that’s the same brand as your AED

AED signage is a sign or marker that indicates the location of an AED. It is another important component to make your AED highly visible to everyone. These can be placed near the AED or above a cabinet so it can be viewed from a distance. We sell three types of signage: a 3D and v shaped first aid green sign, and a red AED heart logo sign.


You might need to transport your AED from an office to a sports field or a school to a community event. Wherever it may be it is important to take proper care of your device to ensure it is protected and remains in good working condition. We offer heavy duty, waterproof cases for rugged terrain or your general carry case with handle so you can grab and run with it.


When you have deployed your AED a few extra items are worth having in your carry case: a pocket mask, a face shield and a shave pack. These items will help protect the rescuer and the patient during CPR and defibrillation. 

A pocket mask is a plastic, lightweight device placed over the patient’s nose and mouth and is connected to a one-way valve. This allows the rescuer to breathe fresh air but prevents the rescuer from breathing in the patient’s exhaled air. Face shields are another option. They are like a plastic sheet that is placed over the patient’s face to protect the rescuer from the patient’s body fluids. Both these items can also help the rescuer feel more comfortable to perform mouth-to-mouth during CPR.

A shave pack is necessary for those with chest hair. It is important to remove chest hair as it can interfere with the pads’ ability to adhere to the skin and deliver the life saving shock. The pack comes with a shaver, scissors to cut clothing, alcohol swabs to clean the area, and gloves.


If you have already made the smart investment to own and manage an AED it is vital to keep your investment maintained. While they have a long service/shelf life (up to 5 years) it’s critical to keep them maintained with charged batteries, working pads and regular testing. This can be recorded via our service log check tags. Here are a few pointers to look after your AED:

  • Check the battery and expiry date
  • Check the pads and expiry date
  • Check any of the connections that can be seen that they are secure
  • Keep your AED clean. This is best done by keeping it in a cabinet
  • Test the AED regularly and record that it has been checked

Each AED has specific maintenance needs. It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Generally this type of defib accessory is only used by the experts. However we recommend that businesses with a large staff or many locations with high-foot traffic familiarise the use of an AED with as many employees as possible. This can be achieved with an easy to use training kit that’s managed by your defined first aid manager.

Our Save A Life Range

Don’t have an AED yet? Shop our ‘Save A Life’ defibrillator bundle range. Each product in this range provides a complete solution that includes all the necessary accessories like signage, wall mount, shave kit and carry case. 

Brands? We stock items that we have designed ourselves, plus key products from leading suppliers. Mindray, Zoll, Heartsine, Philips, Defibtech.

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