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What is a defibrillator (AED)?

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is a portable device that is used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It analyses the heart's rhythm and if necessary, delivers an electrical shock to try to restore a normal heart rhythm. Learn more about defibs and our view range here.

What is the ‘save a life’ range and why should I consider purchasing it?

A standalone AED is an amazing life saving tool that can be used without training. However, we recommend some additional items to maximise their effectiveness, lifespan and visibility. 

Our cost saving ‘save a life’ range provides a complete portable automated external defibrillator (AED) solution that includes all the necessary accessories like signage, wall mount, shaver kit and carry case. 

It is important to have your AED in a highly visual, accessible, common area. Therefore we provide you with signage to point your people in the direction of the AED. An unlocked wall mountable cabinet to store your AED, which is also a visual cue. And a shaver kit so hair can be removed, if necessary, to allow the pad to deliver the shock directly on the skin. We also provide you with a carry case so you can grab and run with the device easily.

Who are the ‘save a life’ bundles for?

Any business, sporting club, organisation, public space, event space…basically anywhere where crowds gather. 


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Can these devices be used for marine and rugged terrain?

All the devices we sell are durable in nature. But to give you a peace of mind we offer bundles that include waterproof hard cases containing foam lined rustproof and shockproof inserts specifically to fit the Zoll and Mindray AEDs.

What brands of AEDs do you sell?

Alpha First Aid supplies only the best brands in AED technology - Mindray, HeartSine, Zoll and Philips.

Mindray logo

We offer two types of Mindrays, the C1A and the C2. The C2 comes with a screen that prompts the rescuer with visual cues. The C1A is without a screen but offers a still picture of what the rescuer needs to do. Both come with voice prompts that can read how experienced you are and will make the commands more detailed if you aren’t trained in using an AED. It does this by interpreting how long each step takes. If it takes longer to place the pads it knows you are less experienced so will make the instructions more detailed. This AED will also instruct you through the CPR process. Overall, Mindray is a reliable and cost effective option to treat individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. 

Zoll logo

We offer two types of Zoll AED: the basic AED and the Plus range. These devices feature a user-friendly interface with clear and concise voice prompts, automatic ECG analysis, and the ability to adjust energy levels based on the patient’s needs. Additionally, it has a real-time CPR feedback feature, which guides the rescuer with the right depth and rate of CPR, maximising the chances of survival. 

Philips logo

Philips is a global healthcare company that manufactures a wide range of medical equipment, including AEDs. Philips AEDs are known for their ease of use and advanced features. The clean and simple interface is easy to use for even the most inexperienced rescuer.

To learn more about the Philips AED bundle click here.

HeartSine logo

First introduced in 2001, HeartSine AEDs are known for their small, lightweight design and long battery life. This AED features a user-friendly interface, with clear and concise voice prompts, with graphical icons and intuitive interface, making it easy for the inexperienced person to use, and minimising the time needed to provide effective defibrillation. 

To learn more about the HeartSine AED bundle click here.

It can be overwhelming to know what you need when it comes to emergency management. So let us make it easier for you and order a cost saving bundle today or talk to us on 07 3341 8033 or email info@alphafirstaid.com.au about what will best suit your needs.

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