AED Defibrillator Business Case

AED Defibrillator Business Case
20 July 2023


Every year, over 30,000 people in Australia suffer from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Out of these, only a small percentage survive. However, studies have shown that early defibrillation is the most effective way to improve survival rates in SCA patients. This is where Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) can make a difference. In this business case, we will discuss the benefits of having an AED installed in the workplace.

Business Case:

  1. Improves Employee Safety: The installation of an AED in the workplace shows that the organisation cares about its employees' wellbeing. It provides an additional level of safety for employees and customers who may suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest. This also helps in creating a positive workplace environment, where employees feel valued and cared for.
  2. Quick Response: Sudden cardiac arrests can happen at any time and to anyone, including people who are otherwise healthy. The availability of an AED in the workplace ensures that employees can quickly respond to an emergency situation. An AED can be used to provide immediate treatment until medical professionals arrive, which can be the difference between life and death.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: Many industries, such as construction, mining, and healthcare, are required by law to have an AED installed at the workplace. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, legal action, and negative publicity. By installing an AED, the organisation can ensure compliance with these regulations and avoid any legal repercussions.
  4. Cost-Effective: Installing an AED in the workplace is a cost-effective solution. The cost of an AED is relatively low, and many companies offer training and maintenance services. Additionally, having an AED on the premises can reduce the cost of insurance premiums as it shows that the organisation takes employee safety seriously.
  5. Improved Reputation: Installing an AED in the workplace demonstrates that the organisation is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its employees and customers. This can improve the company's reputation and help to attract and retain customers and employees.


In conclusion, installing an AED in the workplace is a smart investment that can save lives and provide peace of mind to employees and customers. It is a cost-effective solution that shows the organisation's commitment to safety, improves reputation, and can even reduce insurance costs. By installing an AED, the organisation can provide a safer workplace environment and be better prepared to respond to medical emergencies.

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