Customise Your First Aid Kit

Comprehensive and personalised emergency care

Our Custom Modular First Aid Kit is the ultimate solution for comprehensive and personalised emergency care. This innovative kit is designed to adapt to your specific needs by allowing you to mix and match different modules and containers based on the types of injuries and emergencies you may encounter.

First Aid Modules in cabinet

With our modular approach, you can save money by purchasing only the modules you need and save time by easily swapping or restocking individual modules without replacing the entire kit. For example, an inner city kitchen might select a metal wall mounted cabinet and may not require a snake bite module. You can customise your kit by leaving out that module and doubling or tripling up on more relevant modules, such as those for burns or eye injuries


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Step 1: Choose your container

Below is a list of containers that are perfect for use with our modules. Take a look and select the one that’s most appropriate for you. Not sure? Contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

  • Green Case
  • Cabinet
  • Backpack
  • Red Case

A classic-style first aid kit container. Its durable plastic construction strikes the perfect balance between lightweight design and durability. This portable case is designed to be taken to the incident, providing easy access to essential medical supplies. Learn more about this case here.

The ideal choice for static first aid kits. This wall-mounted cabinet offers a permanent solution and is highly popular in workplaces, schools, and public places. It ensures that the first aid kit is always easily accessible, allowing for quick deployment, restocking, and implementation of first aid procedures. Learn more about this case here.

The ultimate portable first aid kit backpack designed for emergency situations. Its lightweight design, internal dividers, and multiple pockets make it the perfect solution for aiders responding to incidents. This backpack ensures easy carrying and quick access to essential supplies. Learn more about this case here.

A robust solution designed for rugged applications. This case offers waterproof, rustproof, and shockproof properties, making it ideal for first aid kits that are likely to endure demanding outdoor conditions or be stored among other heavy-duty items like tools. Learn more about this case here.

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Step 2: Select your modules

Each module you can choose from is carefully curated with high-quality components, ensuring that you are equipped to handle any medical situation effectively.

  • Burns
  • Essentials
  • Eye Injury
  • Major Trauma

For immediate burn care, this module contains nitrile gloves, Burnaid gel sachets, burn gel dressing, non-adherent dressing, gauze bandage, surgical tape, gauze swabs, and a burns module patch. Learn more about this module here.

Offering a compact and comprehensive collection of high-quality components, this module covers various minor injuries and wounds. It includes gloves, antiseptic wipes, gauze swabs, first aid spray, saline eye wash, eye pads, fabric strips, burn gel sachets, gauze bandage, crepe bandage, bandage clips, non-adherent dressing, instant cold pack, surgical tape, antiseptic sachets, and an essentials module patch. Learn more about this module here.

This module focuses on eye injuries and includes nitrile gloves, saline eye wash, eye drops, eye pads, sterile eye pad, and an eye injury module patch. Learn more about this module here.

The Major Trauma Module is a specialised component of a first aid kit designed to provide immediate and effective care for severe injuries. It contains a range of high-quality medical supplies that are essential for managing major trauma situations. Learn more about this kit here.

  • Minor Wound
  • Snake Bite
  • Sprains/Strains

Designed to handle minor wounds, this module includes nitrile gloves, antiseptic first aid spray, saline eye wash, gauze swabs, fabric strips, steristrip wound closures, splinter probes, and a module patch for quick identification. Learn more about this module here.

Specifically designed for areas with venomous snakes, this module equips you with nitrile gloves, sterile dressings, snake bite bandages, a triangular bandage, a silver space emergency blanket, a snake bite instruction card, and a snake bite module patch. Learn more about this module here.

This module provides immediate care and support for sprains and strains, featuring essential items such as nitrile gloves, instant cold pack, gauze bandages, heavy crepe bandages, bandage clips, triangular bandage, and a specialised patch for easy identification. Learn more about this module here.

By combining these modules, you can create a personalised first aid kit that meets your specific requirements. Each module comes in a heavy-duty nylon bag with a clear plastic top, allowing for easy identification of contents. The bags are labelled with colour-coded embroidered symbols for quick recognition during emergencies. A tamper-seal tag is included to ensure the module's integrity, and a printed component list is provided for convenience. 

Like all our Alpha First Aid Kits, this kit has been designed, produced and packed in Australia for the Australian market. We have specialised in high-quality first aid kits since 1979.

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