The ultimate first aid kit for tradies

For all your emergency needs while working on-the-go

Designed for Aussie tradies

Over 40 brand name items

Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof IP68 case.

Open red case with first aid contents displayed

Working out of a van, truck or ute? This is considered a workplace, and under Australian Workplace Health & Safety regulations, you must have a first aid kit in preparation for any accidents or emergencies. Don't have a first aid kit? We have you covered with the ultimate tradie first aid kit.


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Why this first aid kit?

Workplace accidents can happen at any time and any place. And according to the Work Safe vehicles as a workplace national guide, vehicle use is the most significant contributor to work-related fatalities in Australia. Having the ability to provide immediate first aid is essential for preserving life, preventing complications, and minimising the impact of injuries. For this you need the tools to be prepared.

This kit is perfect for all your on-the-go workplaces. It comes in a heavy duty waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof case, great for builders, electricians, HVACs, painters, plumbers, welders, and farmers. It includes over 45 brand name items, plus specific modules for burns, personal protective equipment (PPE), and snake bites. You could also include one of our bites and stings modules, or a fracture module. Or check out our wider range of vehicle first aid kits.

What's in the tradie kit and why?

The most crucial element of immediate first aid is to prevent the escalation of injuries and to reduce the risk of complications. This can be done with basic interventions like cleaning and dressing wounds correctly to prevent infections and reduce the possibility of more severe consequences. We provide you with saline, alcohol swabs and splinter probes to clean a wound. To dress it we provide you with basic fabric strips, a selection of wound dressings to cater for small to severe wounds, and various bandages, along with antiseptic cream to place on the wound.

We also provide:
  • adhesive tape to secure dressings and bandages
  • scissors for cutting tape, dressings, or clothing
  • tweezers for removing splinters and debris
  • instant cold pack to reduce swelling and provide relief in the case of sprains, strains, or minor burns
  • triangular bandage which can be used as a sling or for creating makeshift bandages and dressings
  • CPR Mask to provide a barrier between the rescuer and the person receiving CPR, reducing the risk of infection
  • A basic life support and CPR card to remind you of the basic CPR technique
  • A Rescue blanket that helps to retain body heat and prevent hypothermia in emergency situations
  • A first aid booklet to remind you of your basic first aid techniques
  • A notepad and pencil to write details down about the accident/injury and patient.

We cater for other workplace first aid needs too

All workplaces must keep a first aid kit that is compliant under legislative requirements and industry standards. It’s a fundamental aspect of employee safety and emergency preparedness. Accidents and medical emergencies can happen in any work setting, and having well-stocked first aid kits readily available can make a critical difference in providing immediate care, preventing injuries from worsening, and potentially saving lives.

Our workplace first aid kits are specially designed with different industry needs and compliance in mind. We cater for childcare & schools, company vehicles & plants, emergency response teams, hospitality & restaurants, and marine environments.

Can't find what you’re looking for? Tailor make your own kit using our new range of modular first aid kits. These custom made kits are the ultimate solution for comprehensive and personalised emergency care. This innovative kit is designed to adapt to your specific needs by allowing you to mix and match different modules and containers based on the types of injuries and emergencies you may encounter.

About Alpha First Aid

Alpha First Aid provides a comprehensive range of first aid supplies, first aid kits, basic and advanced life support, emergency, safety and rescue products, along with first aid and CPR training. We are a family owned business and have been operating since 1979. We have established ourselves as the market leader in first aid supplies and training with customers from mining, education, construction, industrial, commercial and government workplaces. 

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