Snake Bite Season

Be prepared with first aid kits and accessories

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“Never approach snakes, and never assume that they are non-venomous.”
Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science, Living With Wildlife, Snakes, FAQ

While snakes can be found all year round, Australians are more likely to come across these slithery reptiles in the hotter months of October to March. While some snakes are non-venomous, there's little to be gained by being reckless. Few people are aware that the majority (65%) of Queensland snake species are venomous.

Since the lifestyles of Aussies and snakes often intersect, it’s a good idea to be prepared with a snake bite first aid kit.

A high-quality snake bite first aid kit includes:
  • Two specialised snake bite compression bandages of different lengths with continuous indicators
  • A non-adhesive dressing pad to place over the wound so it does not stick to the compression bandage.
  • An elastic cohesive blue bandage to secure the compression bandage, provide extra protection, and easy visual identification
  • Triangular bandage material (a lightweight sling for arm bites)
  • A permanent marker to identify the wound area on the bandage, plus to write the time of the bite, time the bandage was applied and the patients' name
  • A whistle for attracting attention
  • Snake bite first aid instruction card for untrained aiders
  • A high-quality bag 
Learn more about snake bites and first aid here.

Our Snake Bite Kits

Here at Alpha First Aid we stock two types of Snake Bite Emergency Kits. It’s available in both a bum bag and belt pouch. Two of our options feature a bright orange bag with clearly identifiable first aid cross symbols and “SNAKE BITE KIT” lettering. The bright orange colour helps users distinguish it from other first aid items.

Not just for snake bites, these kits and accessories can be used to treat a “run in” with a range of venomous animals. These include, Funnel Webbed Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus, and Cone Shell stings.

Pressure immobilisation bandages are NOT recommended for the first aid management of other spider bites including the redback, jellyfish stings, fish stings including stonefish and stings by scorpions, centipedes or beetles


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Snake Bite Bandages

Available separate from kits, our snake bite bandages have two key features that distinguish them from normal elastic bandages.

  1. Wider and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages.

  2. Stretch indicators ensure you have the correct pressure over the entire limb when using the pressure immobilisation technique. Here's an example of how the indicator rectangles become squares when the tension is correct.

Learn more about these bandages and their indicators in the video below.

Empty Bags & Info Cards

Build your own kit with these bags and instruction cards. We also offer a custom first aid kit service for your business organisation.

Outdoor Accessories

We stock a wide range of outdoor work and adventure accessories. View our full range of camping and 4WD kits here. We’ve also placed a couple of your favourite items below.

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