Elastoplast Waterproof Strips Aqua Protect (40)

Brand: Elastoplast
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Waterproof superior strips that let air in while keeping dirt, germs and water out.


Wrapped and Sterilised

The technically advanced first aid dressing.

Unique Microporous Film

Contains tiny channels allowing air to ventilate, however it will not let liquid, bacteria or viruses to pass through. The film acts as a barrier to dirt and moisture, yet still allows skin to 'breathe' naturally without the need to put holes in the film. The film is therefore, waterproof and germproof, yet still lets in air to promote rapid wound healing.

Specialist 'Island' Pad

Is highly absorbent, medicated and non-adherent so it won't stick to wounds. Has a wide band of adhesive that surrounds the centred pad (island) so dirt and germs are kept out and wounds stay clean.

Quantity: Pack of 40

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