Sole Supplier With Broad Range Of First Aid Needs

Jacob Fuller was the Environment Health and Safety Coordinator at Sibelco’s mineral sands processing facility at Brisbane’s Pinkenba, before he was promoted to his current Site Manager role for Sibelco in Warwick.

Sibelco’s Pinkenba site is a 24-hour facility that operates Monday to Saturday, employing truck drivers, shift operators, laboratory staff and a maintenance crew. Fuller engaged Alpha First Aid to provide and maintain its emergency response and first aid equipment and supplies. Will Tattam, Alpha’s Brisbane Central Distributor, provided outstanding service to Sibelco, according to Fuller. ‘Will was very professional and complied with all our safety requirements and risk management processes, supplying his own PPE including a silica dust mask’, he says.

‘We didn’t have a first aid room on site, so we had first aid stations with trauma kits. Will came every quarter and inspected, serviced and replenished stock, and he provided new and replacement items outside of the normal serving periods too.’

The Pinkenba site needed the usual first aid equipment and disposables for a processing plant, however Sibelco also held specialist kits like Alpha’s Low Voltage Rescue Kit for those doing switchboard work, and the Snake Bite Emergency Kit on site as well. ‘It wasn’t uncommon to see a brown snake or a python curled up inside black plastic piping and warming up in the sun’, says Fuller, believing that the proximity to rats in the river made the facility an ideal site for snakes.

Fuller was pleased there was a defibrillator close by when an operator collapsed in the site’s control room a few years ago. ‘He wasn’t in cardiac arrest. It turned out he was an undiagnosed diabetic with kidney stones, but I was pleased we could turn to a defibrillator if needed.’

From a commercial point of view, Fuller was happy with Alpha supplying the facility’s first aid needs. ‘I was using a locally-based provider that was very competitively priced and which warehoused in Brisbane – so it could fulfil my orders within a week, and often much faster.’

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