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RevMedx announces TX® Series Added to CoTCCC (Committee for Tactical Combat Casualty Care) List of Recommended Limb Tourniquets.

The TX Series joins the revolutionary XSTAT injectable hemostatic on the TCCC list of recommended hemorrhage control devices for casualty care.

RevMedx, Inc., a leader in groundbreaking solutions for the control of severe bleeding, today announced that the CoTCCC has added the TX Series ratcheting tourniquets to its list of recommended Limb Tourniquets.

Andrew Barofsky, President and CEO of RevMedx, Inc., stated, “We are pleased that yet another RevMedx product is now part of the TCCC guidelines. Our company is dedicated to adding innovative solutions for first responders and medics around the world.”

The United States Army Institute of Surgical Research reports that 30 to 40 percent of civilian deaths by traumatic injury are the result of hemorrhage, many of which occur before the patient reaches an emergency care facility. For victims of violence or accidents, early control of severe bleeding may prevent shock and save a life.

While there are a variety of tourniquets on the market, their narrow width and windlass tightening mechanism pose limitations to ease of use and patient comfort. Some research suggests that wider tourniquets have been known to provide better patient comfort during application and transport as well as having the potential to minimize tissue and nerve damage during application. The TX2 and TX3 (2 and 3 inches wide respectively) are the widest non-pneumatic tourniquets recommended by TCCC. With an intuitive and simple ski boot ratchet design, the TX series enable fast application with minimal training.

About RevMedx
Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, RevMedx is a privately held medical device company whose goal is to design, develop, and manufacture innovative medical products that save lives. Our product line includes XSTAT, XGAUZE, AIRWRAP, PARABELT, SHARKBITE Blast Injury Kits, and TX Series Ratcheting Tourniquets. Additional information about RevMedx and our products can be found at

TX Tourniquet

The TX series tourniquets are some of the most advanced haemorrhage control tools on the market. Intuitive design, rapid application, and true 'one hand' use make the TX the ideal tourniquet to control veanous & arterial bleeding.

The easy to use ratcheting buckle system allows the user to incrementally adjust the TX2 using “gross motor skills” while under stress. Unlike other available tourniquets, the TX applies precise mechanical pressure to control bleeding of extremity wounds. 

The TX series utilises the M2 ratcheting buckle and ladder system that has achieved high overall rating in US NAVSEA & NAMRU testing.



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