Major Haemorrage Kit

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Recent research has shown that in major trauma situations, controlling severe bleeding is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths in trauma.

The Major Haemorrage Kit has been developed as either a stand-alone kit or it can be added into a first aid kit.

This kit contains a wide range of equipment ideal for haemorrhage control, comfortably fitted into a compact kit bag the ideal size for the components


1 x Revmedx Xgauze
EXPANDS ON CONTACT to simplify wound packing and control hemorrhage. applies 360° pressure for fast, effective hemorrhage control. Currently fielded by the US Military, XGAUZE has proven to be an essential asset to medical kits on the battlefield and in civilian EMS. XGAUZE features a radiopaque marker along one length of the dressing and capability to absorb 400ml of fluid.

1 x Universal Bandage Shears
Plastic Handle Universal Bandage Scissors are especially designed for the quick removal of bandages. Bent stainless steel, for easy bandage removal.

1 x RevMedx TX2 Tourniquet
Intuitive to use and made to last, CoTCCC-recommended, allows any responder to quickly stop bleeding. A simple intuitive ratcheting design enables fast application with minimal training. The ratchet design allows precise, one-handed micro-adjustments to treat rebleeding and minimise patient discomfort.

1 x RevmedX Airwrap XL
The Airwrap is a versatile compression solution that stops bleeding HANDS-FREE. Currently fielded by the US Military and EMS services, AIRWRAP keeps hands-free, direct pressure on a wound to stop bleeding until an emergency care facility can be reached. Keeps 4x the pressure provided by a traditional bandage - 75% reduction in blood loss compared to traditional bandaging methods. Using AIRWRAP, responders are freed to treat additional injuries or patients - Ideal for multi-site, multi-patient triage in mass-casualty events. Capable of treating a wide variety of bleeding injuries almost anywhere on the body Uniquely suited for civilian and military first responders and for hospital areas where hemorrhage control is needed.

1 x RevmedX Trauma Dressing
A sterile, 37.5cm x 45cm multi use absorbent dressing that is non-adherent on both sides. It can be torn in half for the treatment of a variety of wounds and surfaces. Latex free and packaged in a sterile Vacuum Sealed low profile packet.

1 x Combine Pad 20 x 20cm

1 x Logikal Disposable Resus Mask

1 x Pair of Nitrile Gloves

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